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Alluring Bird Parks of Singapore Must Visit With Family

When we talk about Singapore and birds in a single line, the first memory that anyone will get is about the Jurong bird Park.

The Jurong bird Park is probably the biggest signature of Singapore when it comes to their commitment towards conserving wildlife. The Jurong bird Park is one of the largest bird parks in the world and held the position until it was overtaken by the word park in Germany. It is spread over a massive area of 49 acres. Small country like Singapore which has a surface area less than the city of Bangalore has dedicated a massive part of its land for creating a bird park and showing its dedication towards conservation of wildlife and the bird species from Around The World.

The National bird Park is situated on the Western slopes of the Jurong hill and the bird Park has been growing in its responsibilities and awesomeness that the wildlife reserves of Singapore has reported that in 2020, the park will be relocated to a different place.

History of the Jurong bird park

When Singapore was just beginning to inch into its face of development, the permanent Aviary was conceived by the finance minister of Singapore in 1968. The inspiration for the Jurong bird Park came from the zoo at Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. He was quite impressed with the concept of the free flight Aviary and he saw for himself that is Singapore will have a park like that.

True to his thoughts and words, the Jurong Bird Park was integrated into the Singapore wildlife reserves and was opened on the 3rd of January in the year 1971.

The birds of Jurong

Jurong Bird Park has one of the largest collections of the species of birds from all around the world. There are about 5000 Birds belonging to 400 different species. As if this was not enough, 29 of these 400 species are considered to be critically endangered or threatened.

The waterfall Aviary has an artificial waterfall that Rises to about 35 M and you have a lot of unique words including the turacos and the hoopoe.

The dinosaur descendants bird Park is dedicated to the flightless wonders like the ostriches, the cassowaries and emus.

As a mark of commitment and dedication to the continent of Asia to which Singapore belongs to the section called Wings of Asia has been opened in Jurong. This place has one of the greatest collections of Southeast Asian birds that are scattered over 200 different species. To keep up with the demand of birds to stay in their tropical home, and an artificial thunderstorm is simulated every known which is followed by a light drizzle.

The penguin cost of Jurong Bird Park is its own wonder. It has five different species of Penguins that are housed in a massive 1600 square meter area which include the rock Hopper, the macaroni and the emperor penguins. If you trip to Singapore Jurong Bird Park with your kids you will surely get the mesmerizing travel experience. 

And a dedication to the nocturnal birds, the world of Darkness is a place you can experience these kind of birds in their own natural environment. The night herons and the owls are some of the birds that are visible in here. There are about 17 different bird species that you can see in here.

Jurong bird Park is one of the finest examples of how a country should be dedicated towards protecting the wildlife even if the resources and it is beautiful bird park in Singapore. As long as Singapore thrives to be awesome in this respect, Singapore will surely be one of the world’s greatest economies!

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