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The stunning Birds Park In Kuala Lumpur at 2018

Lots of Southeast Asian countries have realised the importance of conserving wildlife especially in an environment that is considered Pristine and fragile. The rainforest regions of Southeast Asia has made a lot of birds flock in and make it their own home. However, in the past few decades, South East Asia is getting heavily organised and industrialized, and is evident in the kind of skyscraper cities that Kuala Lumpur and Singapore have transformed themselves into.

In all of these the governments of these countries have not completely neglect that the importance of wildlife. This is probably why the Kuala Lumpur bird Park was created. Spread over a massive area of 8.5 hectares, this place is one of the most important tourist attractions in the country that attracts more than two hundred thousand visitors on an annual basis. It is situated inside the tourist district and close to the Lake Gardens of Bukit Aman.

While the Kuala Lumpur bird Park might not be as massive as the Jurong bird park in Singapore, it still is a great place of attraction housing more than 200 species of birds and the absolute numbers soaring as high as 3000 literally! There are birds that are imported from countries like Australia, Indonesia New Guinea, Tanzania, Holland and Thailand.

This bird was established in the year 1991 long after Jurong had commenced its presence. However, the lake garden which is quite close to the park and served as an unofficial Bird Sanctuary was established in the year 1888. There are a lot of parallel attractions including but not limited to the artificial lake, the Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park, The National monument, The Deer Park, the Hibiscus Garden and the old Malaysia Parliament House.

The bird Park is so massive that it is classified into 4 different zones. The first zone has the love Aviary which has Birds like the parakeets, the conures the cockatiels and the kites. There is also the Flamingo pond and the Bulbul land which host Birds belonging to that segment like the bluebird, the pheasant and the peacock.

The second zone is relatively smaller and has the Weaver bird, the Nicobar pigeon komada ostrich and the Scarlet Ibis. This is a great example of how birds of different kinds contrived together in a single environment. The ostrich is a flightless meat eater whereas the pigeon is a flighted brain eater and these two can coexist peacefully.

III zone mostly comprises of the native Birds like the Hornbill, the myna, the Magpie And the swamp Hain. There is even a gift shop that is located in this region from where you can buy souvenirs and memorabilia.

IV zone is probably one of the most diverse zones in the bird Park. This place houses a wide variety of birds like cockatoos, parakeets Chemicals, ostrich and a lot more of them. This place is air conditioned and there is even a Centre that teaches the visitors about the life of birds. There is an incubation Centre where visitors can get an experience of how the ducklings, the birds hatch and you can spend the time in Birds park in kuala lumpur. The waterfall in this Aviary is one of the best highlights and it is an artificial 30 feet freshwater waterfall. The Amphitheatre of this please can whose about 350 visitors.

Which so much to offer, Kuala Lumpur bird park in Malaysia is one of the best experiences that you can get on your tour package to Kuala Lumpur to Malaysia in general. If you would like to get an experience of how the place concert its wildlife, you have to visit the Kuala Lumpur bird Park.

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