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The Amazing Bird sanctuaries of Kerala You must visit with family

Kerala Sanctuary

It is said that the best way to measure the character of a person or a set of people is to look at the way in which they treat animals and birds. If this statement has to be held it true, then Kerala is deservingly called as God’s own country. Kerala is a different state that is separated from the rest of India in multiple parameters. The high literacy rate, the consumption of certain meat and alcohol, the acceptance of religions and the intensity of tolerance and above everything, the cultural foresight has made Kerala one of the best States to live in India.

When it comes to being one of the best States to living in India, it doesn’t hold good only for human beings. It also holds good for birds. Kerala has a lot of bird sanctuaries that are spread across the state. You can get a lot of enjoyment in Bird sanctuaries of Kerala. Even if there are not places that are designated as proper wildlife or bird sanctuaries, the lush green cover of Kerala and the wet climate that is present all through the year ensure that birds and animals continue to live lavishly in the Jungle and semi-urban regions of Kerala. 

Here are some of the best bird parks in Kerala that you should surely consider the sitting on a Kerala tour package.

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

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Kumarakom – the first thing that would come to the minds of people when we say this word is the amazing backwaters, the Vembanad lake and the houseboat experiences that you can never get anywhere else probably with the exception of the lakes in Jammu and Kashmir.

Kumarakom, as much as it is famous for backwaters, is also famous for rubber trees. There are a lot of birds from all over the world that fly to this Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary during the season and they make it their home. The waters of the Vembanad lake give a chill in the air that would surely be off the light to a lot of birds. Even if the Bird Sanctuary is located in the tropical region, you can find birds that fly down from Siberia and Russia that are located in the temperate zones that are relatively colder.

There are a lot of houseboats and motor boats that you can rent for watching the birds in the most natural habitat. The birds include but are not limited to waterfowls, Cuckoo, duck, Heron, owl, and Egret. You can even find the Siberian duck which is one of the migratory birds that loves Kumarakom. The best time to visit is between June and August, and if you would like to get a glimpse of the migratory birds, you should consider visiting, between November and February.

Pathiramanal Bird Sanctuary

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It is perhaps the backwaters that make it ideal for birds to choose Kerala. The pathiramanal Bird Sanctuary is very much a part of the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary has pathiramanal Is a Small Island that is situated inside the Vembanad lake of Kumarakom. The pathiramanal literally means sands of midnight.

There are about 90 local species and 15 migratory species of birds that enjoy being in the surroundings of the vembanad lake. It is best for you to hire a nature guide or an Ornithologist who would be available at the reservation if you would like to spot a lot more of the species.

For all you know, you would have an exotic species right in front of your eyes and you will be staring at a duck! The bird species of pathiramanal include cormorant, seagull, flycatcher, heroines and more importantly, the monarch flycatcher which is considered to be one of the rarest species of birds.

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

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It takes a different level of Passion to create a bird sanctuary out of the efforts of a single person. This is precisely what the great Ornithologist Salim Ali created. The Thattekad Bird Sanctuary is one of the largest in Kerala and is spread over an area of about 25 square kilometres.

It has all what it takes to become a bird sanctuary including but not limited to forest, wetlands and rivers. This makes it nothing less than a Paradise for Ornithologist and bird watchers. There are a lot of rare birds that have made the thattekad bird sanctuary their home.

It is best for you to hire a guide who will be able to. Due to some of the most exotic bird species. You have a lot of words including wagtails, woodpeckers, snipes and Robbins. The best time to visit this place is between the month of October and February.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

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The Kadalundi bird sanctuary, very much like many other bird sanctuaries in Kerala is situated in the banks of the Kadalundi Pura river which flows into the Arabian Sea. While many of them think only about Narmada and Tapti as the rivers that flow into the Arabian Sea, you also have rivers like Mandovi and the Kadalundi Pura rivers.

There are more than hundred species of birds that live in the Sanctuary and there are 60 more that come in as migratory birds during the season. There are boating facilities available that will help people spot the best bird species enjoying their time in this Bird Sanctuary. You can consider visiting this Bird Sanctuary between the month of December and April and especially during the early times of the day.

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

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The term mangalavanam literally means auspicious forest. The mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary is a Mangrove Bird Sanctuary and when you have mangroves, you not only have words but also have a lot of animals and fishes that go along with them.

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary houses about 194 Birds belonging to about 30 to different species. This place is probably the biggest supplier of oxygen in the urban region of Cochin and is aptly called as the green lung of Kochi. With so much to offer, the bird parks of Kerala are nothing short of a delight not only for a bird watcher or a photographer or a nature enthusiast but for any human being who has a compassion for fellow living creatures and would love to see them happy and enjoy their lives as much as we do. In fact, we have a certain quotient of enjoyment when we look at them enjoy! Isn’t this what the human race is all about?!

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